Ask almost any business owner or manager about compliance with employment laws and regulations and they’ll tell you it’s impossible to keep up with all the changes.  They don’t know what they don’t know… At driven HR, it’s our job to stay current on the changes in employment laws and regulations that impact our clients.

Managing your company’s compliance with complex state and federal regulatory requirements is one of the highest-risk and most technically demanding aspects of the HR function. With regulations constantly changing, and often significant penalties for infractions, driven HR will identify and address each critical area to ensure compliance going forward.

driven HR consultants are subject matter experts in a number of areas, including:

*During the regular course of business, driven HR, LLC, and its staff may provide expert HR advice and consultation. However, these materials and suggestions do not constitute a legal opinion by driven HR, LLC, its principals, employees, or contractors. The facts of each situation should be considered and analyzed individually. Therefore, if you use this information to formulate a policy or to resolve an employee issue, we suggest you consult with counsel before implementation.