Few events are more unsettling to an employer than receiving a notice, or even a surprise visit from the Department of Labor (“DOL”) notifying you that you’re being audited.  At that moment it doesn’t matter whether it’s a state or federal agency, the fact is that you’re about to be audited by the DOL.

driven HR has managed dozens of DOL audits and spent years developing professional relationships with the various departments and divisions within the state and federal Departments of Labor.  That means we know:

  • What the auditors want to see;
  • What violations they are looking for;
  • The processes and practices used to conduct the audit;
  • The seriousness and potential costs of the various violations; and
  • Often, we already know the auditor!

Once engaged, driven HR will manage the entire audit process* on your behalf.  We start by contacting the DOL auditor to discuss the scope of the audit, the documentation required for review, and any employee interviews that will be conducted.  Then, whenever the auditor is onsite, we’ll be present to act as the primary point of contact for questions, requests for additional information and documents, scheduling employee interviews, and whatever else may be necessary.  Finally, we’ll take the lead in discussing the audit findings, any back wage payments, fines, and penalties and, where necessary, we’ll work with the auditor to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement.

Don’t try to handle a DOL audit on your own.  driven HR has the expertise, knowledge, and years of audit experience to manage your DOL audit to its best possible outcome.

If you received a DOL audit notice, or an unexpected visit from a DOL auditor, contact Frank Cania at frank@drivenhr.com, or 585-672-4142.

*During the regular course of business, driven HR, LLC, and its staff may provide expert HR advice and consultation. However, these materials and suggestions do not constitute a legal opinion by driven HR, LLC, its principals, employees, or contractors. The facts of each situation should be considered and analyzed individually. Therefore, if you use this information to formulate a policy or to resolve an employee issue, we suggest you consult with counsel before implementation.