When you have HR questions, where can you go? Calling an attorney—even occasionally—can be extremely expensive. Turning to the Internet is risky at best, often provides incomplete or even incorrect answers.

The driven HR Answerline is the answer when you need to talk to an HR subject matter expert.* Whether you need occasional HR advice, want to get a second opinion before making an HR decision, or what to better understand complicated employment laws and regulations, the driven HR Answerline is the only source you’ll need.

The driven HR Answerline services include:

  • Access to to an experienced and knowledgeable HR professional by phone and email
  • Template forms and other HR tools
  • One free state and federal all-in-one employment law poster, with additional posters available at a discount
  • Free admittance to all seminars and webinars presented by driven HR and USA Payroll
  • Access to the driven HR blog, Employers’ HR Advisor, containing posts on regulatory compliance, legislative news, and HR best practices

For more information, contact Frank Cania at frank@drivenhr.com, or 585-672-4142.

*During the regular course of business, driven HR, and its staff may provide expert HR advice and consultation. However, these materials and suggestions do not constitute a legal opinion by driven HR, its principals, employees, or contractors. The facts of each situation should be considered and analyzed individually. Therefore, if you use this information to formulate a policy or to resolve an employee issue, we suggest you consult with counsel before implementation.