Your employee handbook may be one of the most important and effective tools the management team has for communicating the company’s workplace policies, expectations, and benefits.  However, a surprising number of companies either don’t have an employee handbook, or continue to use a poorly-written, out-of-date, or even “borrowed” employee handbook which misleads or misinforms employees, causes confusion or controversy, and may be communicating unlawful policies.

Regardless of the number of employees, a well-written employee handbook that clearly explains the company’s policies and work rules benefits both the employer and employees by helping ensure:

  • Employees receive the same information about Company policies and work rules;
  • Employees know what is expected from them, and they can expect from management; and
  • All employment-, discipline-, and benefits-related decisions are made fairly and in compliance with the same set of rules for everyone.

driven HR will create an employee handbook that reflects your Company culture, benefit offerings, and employment policies and practices.  In addition, driven HR will identify and include the necessary policies to help ensure your employee handbook complies with the appropriate state and federal regulations and requirements.

And, we doesn’t stop there.  With the ever-changing nature of regulatory compliance, no employee handbook is a once-and-done document. Whenever a policy is affected by a regulatory change, or a new policy is necessary, driven HR will send you the necessary update to your employee handbook automatically.

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