A driven HR Risk Assessment, also referred to as an HR Audit, is similar to a financial audit – it’s a diagnostic tool used to assess the strength and overall regulatory compliance of an organization’s human resource policies, practices, procedures, and protocols.

Whether a company has 5 employees or 500 employees, a comprehensive HR Audit provides management with important information that may be used to:

  • Avoid or minimize the significant financial penalties imposed by the Department of Labor following a wage-and-hour audit;
  • Provide a roadmap to assist in moving the organization to regulatory compliance;
  • Help ensure HR policies, procedures, and practices are appropriate and effective;
  • Make sound employment-related business decisions; and
  • Minimize the potential for future legal actions by dissatisfied current and/or former employees.

Simply put, a driven HR Risk Assessment identifies employment-related, and often costly, regulatory compliance issues and provides solutions before they become unmanageable and expensive to resolve.

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