Most employers are very apprehensive when they faced with a complaint involving alleged discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other workplace issues…and with good reason! At best, complaints can lead to tense and distracted employees, and at worst government agency investigations and expensive legal disputes.

One of the most important steps in resolving serious allegations is often the investigation. A prompt, thorough, and expertly-conducted investigation of a complaint can often settle the matter quickly, and will help protect the employer from potential liability. On the other hand, a poorly-handled investigation, even one conducted with the best of intentions, can be detrimental to not just the individuals involved, but to the entire company.

driven HR has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to do the job right. Regardless of whether the allegations involve discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other issues, driven HR will conduct a professional and confidential investigation.*

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*In order to comply with applicable regulations, driven HR is engaged and directed by the client’s legal counsel.